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Façade in motion

AUMÜLLER AUMATIC attends symposium „Fassade 2015“

“Façade in motion“: this has been the subject of the symposium and exhibition on February 26nd 2015 at the University of applied science in Augsburg – Institute for Building and Real Estate.

For now 10 years top experts, students and members from the “Organization for façade engineering”, the “Organization independent consultants for façade engineering” as well as members from the “Organization Windows and Façades” meet in Augsburg for an exchange of experiences.

Among the issues covered during the professional discussions of this year´s symposium were hardware and opening types, mechatronics and integrated controls, which inspired more than 230 visitors. There have been many outstanding projects presented during the exhibition, and the visitors experienced automation technology manufactured by AUMÜLLER.

During the exhibition, also the leading system houses and manufacturers of hardware presented their solutions for “Façade in motion”. On this opportunity, AUMÜLLER showed in a very impressive way to automatize a special window in trapezoid shape using innovative mechatronic solutions. For this reason, there are many new options to integrate different façade elements into intelligent SHEV and ventilation concepts and sun protection systems. The exhibition was the perfect platform for experts and students to exchange information on latest trends and new developments in the field of façade technology.

The team of AMÜLLER AUMATIC GMBH thanks everyone for the visit and the very interesting professional discussions based on the subject of “Façade in motion”.