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Sales Launch for the AUMÜLLER EMB8000+

The new digital SHE control panel EMB8000+ from AUMÜLLER Aumatic ist now available on the market. The module center enables decentralized SHEV and ventilation systems to handle complex scenarios with a digital connection to building automation.

Up to 30 SHEV and ventilation control centers can be networked with each other via a digital bus system. Due to the decentralized arrangement of the control centers, short cable routes with smaller cable cross-sections to the window drives are also possible in larger buildings. Configuration and programming as well as integration into building automation systems are easily possible thanks to numerous digital interfaces such as Ethernet and KNX. To use the new functionalities in older EMB8000 central units, only the control module has to be replaced.

Save time and cut costs

The new digital BUS HSE buttons in conjunction with the EMB8000 + enable significant time and material savings. Up to 30 freely programmable participants such as HSE buttons and smoke detectors can be configured per control center. For additional savings, ventilation buttons can be connected to the HSE buttons and freely configured. This enables numerous fire sections to be implemented on a physical line, which significantly reduces the costs for hardware and cabling.

The central drive control of the EMB8000 + also saves time. This allows the drive properties such as stroke and speed of all Aumüller S12 drives in the system to be set directly from the EMB8000 + and controlled depending on the scenario. Inflexible settings for speed and stroke on the drive are now a thing of the past.

More comfort through digitization

The control center is easy to operate with the new user interface of the EMB8000 +. The touch-optimized software interface runs on tablets, smartphones and PCs and is available for all common operating systems. The SHE control center can be configured and programmed wirelessly via a WIFI interface using a smartphone or standard tablet. The Ethernet interface of the EMB8000 + allows direct integration into building automation via IP networks. Thanks to the Ethernet interface, nothing stands in the way of an internet connection.