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Support for "Augsburger Tafel"

Aumüller Trainees support the "Augsburger Tafel"

The trainees of the Aumüller Aumatic GmbH support the work of the Augsburger Tafel with an
on-site deployment in a shopping center in Augsburg-Lechhausen. For this purpose, 5 trainees met with their training officer and the head of Human Resources on October 31st 2014 with the volunteers of the organization.

The goal was to learn about the history of the Augsburger Tafel and to collect cash and in-kind donations. Flyers were distributed, donations were collected and finally packed into boxes. For our trainees it was a valuable experience. The feeling of the success of this action let the helpers help with an above-average commitment and dedication. The positive responses from customers and the willingness to be helpful motivated our hardworking volunteers, so that some of our trainees also participated with a donation.

AUMÜLLER says “Thank you” to our trainees for their social commitment of which we are very proud and look forward to continue to working with the Augsburger Tafel.