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Toys for Childcare Thierhaupten

Aumüller´s employees collect donations

Every year before Christmas, Aumüller Aumatic GmbH organizes a Christmas tombola for the employees at headquarter in Thierhaupten. We collect all the gifts given to the employees during the year by suppliers and customers and keep them for draw.

The employees bought the lots very generous and showed their huge social engagement. The raffle this year was very successful; more than € 500.00 were collected and the management of Aumüller Aumatic GmbH, whose members were also participants of the raffle, took the avenue and doubled the collected money.

Together with the head of the childcare facility and three children who attend the childcare facility every afternoon the Aumüller Aumatic GmbH management arranged a big shopping tour. The result was a substantial increase of toys compared with the previous amount of toys existing in the childcare facility.  A “Christmas Angel” presented the toys to many, very happy children.

We sincerely thank the management of the toyshop “HS” in the small town Meitingen who discounted the shopping of the presents very generous and contributed for lot of for the additional presented gifts to the children.